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Explore the island and collect a bunch of coins to help Froggy on his adventure!


Arrow keys - jump and walk

Z key and space key - spit projectiles (cost 3 coins)

X key - switch projectiles

Esc - pause (refresh the page if it doesn't work)

A few weeks later, i found out that there's to much bugs still in the game. I look forward to patch them, but i'm not sure how to patch a flash game. (reupload swf files doesn't keep your save file) But i'm currently working on an HTML5 version which have bug fixes and many new content. This might take a few months. Still hope you play this version, and report as many bugs as possible.  

Also i added "Beta" to the title because it's too unfinished, lel.


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bit too hard to be honest as it seems you cant kill the white guards and they have a big hitbox so dodging them and the green bubbles is tricky ...